EZ Generator Switch

Power Only What You Need. EZ Generator Switch will transfer the power you need from your generator during a power outage, directly to your furnace, lights or appliances!

Affordable Single Circuit Generator Switch

Why pay over $1,000 for a generator and another $1,000 for a transfer switch device when you only need one or two items energized? The EZ Generator Switch starts at $68.99 and if you buy more than 1, the price is even lower!


Why pay over $1,000 for a generator and another $1,000 for a transfer switch kit when you only need one or two items energized? Our switch starts at $68.99 and the price is even lower if you buy multiple generator switches.

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Easy to Install

Our switch is Easy to Install. Homeowners who are comfortable with installing it can do it themselves or a licensed electrician can install the switch in no time at all.

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Efficient. Only power what you need. Typical installations include: heating systems (gas or oil), lighting circuits, hot water systems (gas or oil), forced hot air systems, hard wired sump pumps, and older home steam systems. Basically, anything you need powered during an emergency.

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Our Company


We are master electricians who have been in the business for over 35 years.

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Why Choose Our Switch
A pre–wired generator transfer switch that installs extremely quick. A compact unit full of simplicity. Our transfer switch connects right to your electrical panel or box. It works with electric & gas portable or standby generators. We have created instructional videos on How to Install Your New Generator Switch for customers that have either purchased or are considering purchasing our switch.
Biggest Bang for your Buck. Least expensive way to get essential household items energized during a power outage “less is more”
Energizing only essential items affords you to purchase a smaller more user friendly portable generator for your house in addition to using less fuel with less noise. Many of our customers use our switch to power single appliances and necessary items. Common uses include; furnace, refrigerator, stove, heating system, washer/dryer or any other single circuit item.
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The Most Affordable Single Generator Switch on the Market!

The EZ Generator Switch is a patented design, you won’t find a manual changeover switch that is as easy to install and use(pre-assembled kit), at a price that cannot be beat.