EZ Generator Switch

Affordable Single Switch Generator Switch


Why pay over $1,000 for a generator and another $1,000 for a transfer switch device when you only need one or two items energized? Our switch starts at $66.99 and the price is even lower if you buy multiple switches.

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Easy to Install

The EZ Generator Switch is Easy to Install. Homeowners who are comfortable with installing it can do it themselves or a licensed electrician can install the switch in no time at all.

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The EZ Generator Switch is Efficient. Only power what you need. Typical installations include: heating systems (gas or oil), lighting circuits, hot water systems (gas or oil), forced hot air systems, hard wired sump pumps, and older home steam systems.

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Our Company


We here at EZ GENERATOR SWITCH are master electricians who have been in the business for over 35 years.

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A pre–wired generator switch that installs extremely quick. A compact unit full of simplicity
Biggest Bang for your Buck. Least expensive way to get essential items energized during a power outage “less is more”
Energizing only essential items affords you to purchase a smaller more friendly user generator in addition to using less fuel with less noise..
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The Most Affordable Single Generator Switch on the Market!

The EZ Generator Switch is a patented design, you won’t find a switch that is as easy to install and use, at a price that cannot be beat.